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Education is a key to ending the child poverty. It literally changes a child's life. Literacy is linked to higher employment rates and lower levels of poverty, crime, incarceration, and more. By using education and incorporating the Gospel with consistent daily teaching of God’s Word, we believe children can escape poverty. Project Lucas believes that with the power of the gospel, along with a quality education and family involvement, children can be equipped with the tools they need to escape poverty.

The Margaret Dishong Scholarship Fund, through strong standards and requirements, uplifts students and families to rise above themselves and their circumstances and do things they could not do on their own. We instill strong Biblical principles along with strict requirements (see the list in red) that bring out the best in students and families. The Project Lucas staff works to uphold the scholarship standards and requirements on a daily basis When you sponsor a child, you have the opportunity to support them from Elementary through High School. You'll be personally connected to a boy or girl who will know your name and know that you care about and help make an impact in their life for years to comeEvery child that is sponsored receives a scholarship though the Margaret Dishong Scholarship Fund.




Your sponsorship of $50 a month is a life-changing investment that provides these children with necessities such as:

  • An Educational Scholarship which includes:
    • Proper Nutrition
    • Medical Checkups
    • School Uniforms
    • Necessary School Supplies  
  • You can have a personal relationship a children through sponsorship or you can give to the scholarship fund and provide a scholarship for a child. 

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How much does child sponsorship cost?

The cost of sponsoring a child in Kenya is $50 per month. All gifts are tax-deductible.

What does child sponsorship provide? 

Your monthly sponsorship payment of $50 will provide the following for your sponsored child: 

Proper nutrition
A monthly medical checkup
A school uniform
Necessary school supplies
A safe and positive after-school environment provided by our loving staff in Kenya

Am I the only sponsor for each child I sponsor? 

Yes, Project Lucas assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes!!  Your child will love to hear from you and will write back!  Please feel free to communicate with your sponsored child through letters or postcards.  When writing your letter, it’s important to consider your sponsored child’s environment and culture. For example, it’s best not to write about the things you own, since your child has very few possessions.  Feel free to share about your family, friends, and interests. You can always include a colorful postcard or photo, which your sponsored child will treasure. You may send any correspondence and gifts directly to our center in Kenya in an envelope no larger than 6”x9”.  This will help us to avoid paying any duty or fees on larger packages. Be sure to include your sponsored child’s name in the envelope.  To avoid confusion, please use Project Lucas’ address as the return mailing address and do not include your contact information on correspondence to your sponsored child.   

Mail To:

Use Return Address:
Project Lucas
PO Box 64472
Virginia Beach, VA 23467 

You can also send an email to your child!

Email my Sponsored Child

When will I get a picture and more information about my sponsor child?

After receiving your initial sponsorship payment, Project Lucas will send you a detailed information packet welcoming you to the Child Sponsorship Program.  You will also receive periodic updates from Project Lucas regarding the progress of your sponsored child.

I need to update my credit card for my sponsorship. How do I do that?