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Cythnia, Kelvin, Phedis,Mary
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       Project Kumi                 
In Swahili, the word Kumi (KOO-me) is the number 10.  Ten dollars can help change lives. Let me explain.

Cynthia (13) ,Kelvin (10), Mary (7), & Phedis (5) lost their mother earlier this year. She was suffering from HIV/AIDS and mental health issues. Many days Cynthia and her siblings would have to fend for themselves, looking for food to eat at nights because their mother was out drinking or even lost at times because she was so drunk. Project Lucas and a staff member have taken in these precious children and have obtained legal guardianship. We are committed to their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being until they all become adults. Which means clothing them, feeding them, educating them, getting them professional counseling, and providing
them a loving home.

Jayden’s grandmother makes only a few dollars a week.  His mother passed away when he was only 2 years old, and he never knew his father. He and his twin brother are raised by their elderly Grandmother. Recently, Jayden fractured his thigh playing at school. His Grandmother didn’t know what to do and was afraid to take him to a hospital, knowing she could not afford care for him. Project Lucas took him to the hospital and helped him get the care he needed for his21-day hospital stay.

We need your help!
Needs like this happen on a regular basis with children who are living in extreme poverty. Project Lucas is committed to helping these children and their families when accidents, tragedies, and other unexpected needs arise. However, with the global pandemic of COVID-19, the drought in East Africa, and rising prices in Kenya, it has been difficult at times for us to respond as we wish or as fast as we need to. We need a boast in our community outreach fund so we can respond to these needs as they arise. 

Would you consider donating $10 a month,so we can continue meeting needs to reach children like Cynthia and Jaydon?

We are asking 100 people to be a part of Project Kumi by donating $10 a monthYour recurring gift of $10 each month (the amount many spend on coffee weekly) can help us meet needs and change lives.

Help us meet our goal