John's Story

John's Sponsors in 2007
John and Lucas 2009
John and Lucas 2019
John sharing the gospel
Scott and John in 2021

updated 2022

John has been in the Project Lucas Sponsorship Program since 2007. He has seven siblings. Over the years, John has gone through many hardships.  In 2011 his youngest sister disappeared and has never been found. In 2015 his mother was arrested and was sent to prison for several years. In 2018 tragedy struck yet again, and John's older brother was killed in a robbery.  After his brother's death, John was devasted to learn that his brother was a professional thief. To say his childhood has been traumatic is an understatement. John's brother's death changed John’s perspective, and shortly afterwards he surrendered his life to Christ.

Over the last year two years John has grown into Godly young man. He is the only one in his family to have graduated from high school and enroll in college. He recently told Scott, our founder, that he wanted to help other children escape poverty and give them hope like Project Lucas gave him. He currently is enrolled in college and serves as an intern at the Project Lucas Center. John has his own apartment, and the money he earns at the center he uses to help his brother's family with food and rent. He vists his mother on a weekly basis and reads God's word to her, since she unable to read. 

The only constant in John’s life for last 15 years has been the Project Lucas Center. It has been that one place that he has been able to count on for unconditional love, support, and acceptance. He has always been able to find food to eat, a place to study, a safe environment, and a source for Godly wisdom. 

project kumi

In Swahili, the word Kumi (koo-me) is the number 10. I have learned to be thankful over the last 10 years for the ministry that happens at the Project Lucas Center. On the left is a picture of John and Lucas (my son) playing together in 2009.  Below that is a picture of the two them 10 years later.

Would you consider donating $10 a month to help keep the Project Lucas Center stay open so we can continue to reach children like John?

We are asking 100 people to be a part of Project Kumi by donating $10 a month. This recurring donation will go a long way and will make a lasting impact with children just like John.

Every person that becomes a Project Kumi partner will receive a special edition Project Lucas T-Shirt along with quarterly Project Lucas email updates.      

Help us meet our goal.

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