The Margaret Dishong Scholarship Fund  

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Who is Margaret?

Margaret Dishong was a mother, grandmother, and teacher. She was a public school reading teacher for over 43 years. She believed in bringing out the best in every student she taught and worked tirelessly to inspire students to be a change agent in their world. She was the grandmother of Lucas Dishong. Marge left a legacy of dedication to excellence in education. 


Why Scholarships?

Education is a key to ending child poverty. It literally changes a child's life. Literacy is linked to higher employment rates and lower levels of poverty, crime, incarceration, and more. When we use education and incorporate the Gospel with consistent daily teaching of God’s Word, we believe children can escape poverty.


How It Works

 Through strong standards and requirements, our scholarship will uplift students and families to rise above themselves and their circumstances and do things they could not do on their own. We instill strong Biblicial principles along with strict requirements, which bring out the best in students and families.