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Victor's Story

The name Ruiru in the Kenyan Kikuyu tribal language refers to the black cotton soil found throughout the city of Ruiru—the 5th largest city in Kenya. Ruiru was a former coffee farm and small village located 12 ½ miles outside Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

By 2009, Ruiru's population had grown to over 238,000. Ten years later, the national census reported the population at over 490,000, making it the 5th largest urban center in Kenya. No longer a small tribal village, the busy city of Ruiru has a bustling town square filled with banks, stores, and restaurants.

Victor Omondi is 22 years old. He bears the Luo name Omondi, meaning he was born early in the morning. Victor was born in Ruiru, home to the Project Lucas School.

Victor is one of nine children, including six sisters and two brothers. His early life was marked by challenges. His mother struggled as a single parent and felt overwhelmed trying to provide for nine children by herself. Victor has never met his father, an alcoholic who abused Victor’s mother and older siblings. While she was pregnant with Victor, his mother decided to leave his father and escape to her sister to protect herself and her children.  

The unemployment rate was extremely high at the time in Ruiru, and Victor’s mother could not find work to provide for their basic needs. Many days Victor ate only one meal, if that.

As one of the youngest males in his family, Victor was the victim of abuse from his older, alcoholic brothers. He was surrounded by a culture where homemade drugs and alcohol were readily available.  

As Victor got older, his mother realized she needed help to provide a safe environment for Victor. Unlike the US, support services and resources are not available in most third-world countries. In 2006 she heard about Project Lucas and the work they were beginning to do in Ruiru. She realized that she needed a village of people to help save her son from the drug and alcohol culture within Ruiru. As a preschooler, Victor was one of the first children enrolled in our sponsorship program. He began to hear the stories about Jesus, receive three meals a day, and receive encouragement and support from our staff. He was also able to attend school on a consistent basis for the first time.

In 2009 our first mission team from the United States traveled to Ruiru to minister to the children at the Project Lucas Center. It was during that first trip that Victor gave his life to Jesus. Our Kenyan staff began to help Victor with his schoolwork and to disciple him. They also worked with his mother, praying with her and helping her provide school supplies and food for Victor and his other siblings. During a Project Lucas backpack ceremony, his mother surrendered her life to Jesus Christ.

Life change began to happen in Victor’s life in middle school. With the benefits of consistent education, biblical discipleship, and well-balanced meals, Victor began to grow into a strong, young man—academically, physically, and spiritually.

In 2021 Victor graduated from high school. Victor is now emphatically in love with Jesus Christ and has a passion to serve others.

Victor secured a full-time job at a production company—a major accomplishment for a man of Victor’s age in the current economic environment of Kenya. When he is not working, he enjoys contributing to his community, especially at the Project Lucas School, where he willingly volunteers in the kitchen and lends a hand wherever needed, cherishing the smiles of those he has come to consider family.

Victor is also active in his local church as an AWANA leader. He is currently saving money for college so that he can become a chef at a restaurant in Nairobi to support his mother and some of his siblings.

Victor is a living example of how the Gospel changes everything. Because of his determination, he is breaking the generational cycle of poverty. He is accomplishing things he would not be able to do on his own through the power of the Gospel, along with a quality education. His path in life has been forever changed. Victor's life has been marked by resilience and determination. The Kenyan staff at Project Lucas, along with several Project Lucas mission teams and faithful donors and sponsors in the US, have all partnered together to invest in Victor’s life.

You might say it’s taken a village …

Victor has not just heard the Gospel; he has truly felt and seen the power of the Gospel at work in his life, a power he still experiences daily. To God be the glory.  

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