Fitness Challenge Toolkit

Thank you for taking on the challenge to exercise, walk, cycle, run, dance, etc. The purpose of the Project Lucas Fitness Challenge is to raise money to pass out 750 backpacks this summer to Kenyan children affected by extreme poverty. As a campaigner, we are asking you to raise money and help us spread awareness by sharing the campaign with your friends and family. 

We want to help you be successful by creating a toolkit for you, including fundraising pointers, email templates, social media content, graphics, and more. 

Click on the following links:


Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Overview of how this thing works

Fundraising Pointers

Project Lucas Fittness Challenge Timeline (What to do and When) 

What all does Project Lucas Do?

Project Lucas Info Card

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Promotion Materials

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Flier

Creating a Successful Team/Personal Fundraising Page

How to use storytelling in raising funds

Social Media Graphics

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Graphic PNG (no background)

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Graphic PDF (white background)

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Graphic JPEG (white background)

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Hashtag Graphic

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Hashtag #2 Graphic

Project Lucas Fitness Challenege Save the Date Graphic

Project Lucas Fitness Challenge Ask me why Graphic

Backpacks Pic #1

Backpacks Pic #2 

Backpacks Pic #3

Project Lucas Vertical Logo JPEG (white background)

Project Lucas Vertical Logo EPS (no background)

Project Lucas Horizontal Logo PNG (white backrgound)

Project Lucas Horizontal Logo EPS (no Background)

Project Lucas Hand Logo only JPEG (white background)

Project Lucas Hand Logo only EPS (no background)

Email/Social Media Templates

Donor Appeal Email Template

Team Recruiting Email Template

Week of May 14-16 Appeal Email Template 

Thank you Donor Email Template

Social Media Post Templates 

Video Links to share in Emails and Social Media Platforms 

An Amazing Video Testimony by a Kenyan Teacher on the Impact of the Backpacks at His School

Project Lucas Overview Video

Project Lucas Backpack Day 2019

Project Lucas Backpack Day 2017